1955-59 HOOD BIRDS

The hood birds pictures21 are not mine I am providing this info to help people in their search of these items. I am not installing one of these on my truck they do not appeal to me there is plenty of other chrome to catch the eye.

These are a highly sought after item and if you can find a NOS one prepare to pay big bucks. Used ones such as the picture of the 55-57 Hood Bird can command several hundred dollars and this one still has to be plated.

The picture below has been taken out of a 1958 parts book and lists the same number for 55-58 trucks. I have a 1955 parts book and it list another number but shows the same picture.

The 1958 GMC Features book clearly shows the hood bird on the cover and is definitely different that the 55-57 birds but I have not been able to find the number.

If I ever find a 1958 accessories book that should provide the number.

So if you have a 55-59 GMC truck and want the correct bird for your hood below are your choices.


GMC Truck Assembly

1955-57 HOOD BIRDS

This is a unplated hood bird for 1955-57 GMC trucks.

GMC Truck Assembly

1958-59 HOOD BIRDS

This is a NOS hood bird for 1958-58 GMC trucks.

GMC Truck Assembly

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