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1959 Record No. 1
Name: Blaine Dumkee Year: 1959 Transmission: 3 Speed
Location: Fort Smith Northwest Territories Canada Model: Stepside Original: No
Phone: None Series: 100
Email: Email Serial Number:   
Web Site: None Engine Size: Other  
Truck History
My truck is a 1959 GMC 9314, with the original 235 I6 and 3 speed transmission. Canadian GMC's came with Chevrolet drive trains.I purchased this truck in September 1989, and drove it home two blocks. After tearing apart the brakes I realized I should of towed it as only one wheel cylinder was working. I spent the next six months making the truck road worthy and then I used it as my daily transportation around town. As I was only twenty years old when I purchased the truck, it was parked a couples of times while I attended school. In December of 1995 the engine was removed and rebuiltThe winter of 2002/03 saw the truck disassembled, with the frame painted, the cab repaired, new front fenders and box, repainted and reassembled. This work was being professionally done. The truck is painted 2002 Chevy Truck Pewter, and the bumpers, grill, and headlight doors are chromed. I plan to install a bench seat from a Dakota with built in seat belts ( wife says the truck needs seatbelts if I am taking my boys with me!)I would like to install an original3 speed overdrive transmission in the truck to allow for better highway speeds. 
1959 Record No. 2
Name: David Roberts Year: 1959 Transmission: Other
Location: Fredericksburg Virginia Model: Other Original: Yes
Phone: None Series: Other
Email: Email Serial Number: 371 PS 7547E  
Web Site: None Engine Size: 270  
Truck History
  Purchased in West Va. for $800. Been trying to restore but it's been a job, no inside facilities to work, all outside.
The tranny is 5 speed New Process, with split axle rear. Budd wheels with 825 tires. Cab # 1754. Dump truck with big cylinder. Standard steering.
270 engine runs great, still has original governor under carb with seals still unbroken.
Other owner replaced fuel pump with a big block ford pump, 429, 1 think. He also replaced exhaust from same engine.
1959 Record No. 3
Name: Wolf Shedler Year: 1959 Transmission: 4 Speed
Location: Lyndhurst Ontario Model: Panel Original: Yes
Phone: 613-6594669 Series: 250 Click Here For Picture Link   Click here for picture.
Email: Email Serial Number: 253-PS-689-1B  
Web Site: None Engine Size: 270  
Truck History
 Original Arizona horse ranch panel truck which was always tucked away in a shed when not in use. Original paint and rubber. the windows were ordered the way they are from the dealer. It has 23000 original miles and lots of life left in her. I will put in highway gears to help her along but the Beast will stay mostly stock.
1959 Record No. 4
Name: Jeff Cerniglia Year: 1959 Transmission: Hydra-Matic
Location: Bristol Connecticut Model: Wideside Original: Yes
Phone: None Series: 100 Click Here For Picture Link   Click here for picture.
Email: Email Serial Number: 101 CS 4378A  
Web Site: None Engine Size: 270  
Truck History
  Truck History:
I bought this truck from a guy in town who bought it while on vacation in Arizona 3 years before. I believe I am the 4th owner, there is evidence of the truck being a farm truck at one time. I have owned the truck since 1996 and have done many improvements to it both mechanical and cosmetic. The truck is a 1959 Wide Side with a short bed, 270 engine with a Hydra-Matic transmission. Painted medium blue with metallic fleck, roof is metallic silver. The engine is slightly modified with a 4 barrel intake and carb, headers and duals has that 50's rod look and sound, great fun to drive.
1959 Record No. 5
Name: Bob Reil Year: 1959 Transmission: 4 Speed
Location: Northborough Massacusetts Model: NAPCO Stepside Original: Yes
Phone: None Series: 100 Click Here For Picture Link   Click here for picture.
Email: Email Serial Number: 101 CS 5093A  
Web Site: None Engine Size: Other  
Truck History
1959 GMC with a factory installed NAPCO Powr-Pak 4x4 Conversion.
It's a 1/2 ton step-side with a Chevy 283,4-spd, and a standard interior.
I am planning on installing a 270 six-cyl, which it came with orignally.
It was built in Oakland California and later it went to a farm in Bend Oregon.
I plan on driving it to shows and enjoying it as I restore as well.
1959 Record No. 6
Name: Ron (buckshot) Roberts Year: 1959 Transmission: 4 Speed
Location: Hyden, KY Model: Stepside Original: Yes
Phone: None Series: 150 Click Here For Picture Link  Click here for picture.
Email: Email Serial Number: 152 PS 6712B  
Web Site: None Engine Size: 270  
Truck History
  I got this truck 4 years ago,I saw her  on a used car lot, But I got her from the owner, for 3 grand, He got the truck in Missouri, He put Chevy parklight's on Her? And she is a Daily driver, I have used her for work,hunting and fishing, I've not done a lot to this truck, put new tires on her this past summer, 17.5's, new plug, point's, and a new belt, that's all I've had to do to her, She was on www.stovebolt.com, at onetime.
1959 Record No. 7
Name: Joseph Martinez Year: 1959 Transmission: Other
Location: San Diego, CA Model: Suburban Original: No
Phone: None Series: 100 Click Here For Picture Link  Click here For Picture
Email: Email Serial Number: 101 PS 16787A  
Web Site: None Engine Size: Other  
Truck History
I'm the third owner of my GMC. The GMC was bought in San Diego and has been here the whole time. I bought it in may 2000 for my birthday. I have a custom interior with full headliner and carpet. I put a 4" dropped axle on. power disc brakes. 383 stoker with turbo 400. It's still has it's org. seats, jump seat incl.
1959 Record No. 8
Name: Joe Ciccarelli Year: 1959 Transmission: Hydra-Matic
Location: West Virginia Model: Wideside Original: Yes
Phone: None Series: 100
Email: Email Serial Number: 102 8 CS 4874A  
Web Site: None Engine Size: 336  
Truck History
Originally a CA truck used to carry a slide in camper. 
Brought to WV about 15 years ago, but no resto.  Truck had 3/4
Ton axles, maybe some kind of camper special package? Am
restoring with NAPCO 4WD.  Need NAPCO wheel cyliners if anyone
has info.
1959 Record No. 9
Name: Allen Snyder Year: 1959 Transmission: 3 Speed
Location: Houma ,La. Model: Other Original: Yes
Phone: 985-563-4444 Series: Oth
Email: Email Serial Number: 101 PS 25807A  
Web Site: None Engine Size: 270  
Truck History
This is the most rare GMC ever built to my knowledge. It is the fleet option 1/2 ton. It was made to be the most inexpensive truck for fleet buyers. There is probably less that known 20 known to still be around today. Most were used up and thrown away. It hard to find some parts for these trucks.
1959 Record No. 10
Name: Russ Mager Year: 1959 Transmission: 4 Speed
Location: Spokane Washington Model: NAPCO Stepside Original: Yes
Phone: 509 276 4117 Series: 100
Email: Email Serial Number: 102 8 CS 4934A  
Web Site: None Engine Size: 336  
Truck History
I am restoring ths truck to original-forest green,white deluxe cab. I am installing NAPCO 4WD and need to talk to other owners as I have a few questions as to the transfer case mounting.