1955 GMC AD

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   It says a lot about you
EVERYWHERE you go, the appearance of your truck is eloquent of your farm, your methods, your equipment.
So this Blue Chip GMC Pickup is styled in arrestingly smart lines and strikingly handsome colors. To this evidence of an up-to-the-minute operation is added a prosperous note in the luxurious cab interior.
But a Blue Chip GMC is more than a prestige -builder.
It is, with the flashing power of its V8 engine, a matchless worker.
Its Truck Hydra-Matic Drive* will conserve your time as well as your energy -and put an end to many a maintenance cost. Also, it will save you gasoline.
And beneath its aristocratic look, there is Herculean strength in frame and axles. This runabout was built for keeps.
Certainly you get dozens of extra values for the few extra dollars a Blue Chip GMC costs. Yet you'll get them back again and again in service, in savings and in unusual trade-in value later.
Your farming pride and your business sense will have a happy meeting ground at your GMC dealer's. See him soon!
*Standard on many models; optional at extra cost on others.

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