1955 GMC AD

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Chalk up another win for our General Motors designers and engineers.
Just as they have set new standards of beauty, comfort and performance in the family car field-so they've revolutionized the industry's concept of how a truck ought to look, ride and work.
Right now-in the Chevrolet and GMC truck lines-you will find vehicles whose color and design add new pride to your product or service. Find new features like panoramic windshields, new comforts to lighten driver fatigue. And as for power-General Motors trucks offer you the ultimate for your particular needs -whether high- compression 6 or V8 gasoline engines or GM pioneered Diesels.
Add to all this such General Motors extras as truck Hydra-Matic Drive Safety Power Steering - and you see why - the key to a General Motors truck (and that means every kind of truck - from half-ton pickup to 35-ton giant) is bound to be your key to greater value.

GMC Emblem