1955 GMC AD

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   New school of thought about trucks
THE smart Blue Chip GMC runabout is as handy at exploding traditions as it is for delivering the youngsters to classrooms.

It denies that a truck must be just a hard-fisted work vehicle-and proves the point with its obvious fitness for family use and playtime fun.

Mighty V8 power gives it spirited agility as well as brawn; Hydra-Matic Drive* gives it flexibility and remarkable economy. And the sweeping visibility

*Standard on many models optional at extra cost on some others through that panoramic windshield makes it safer, too.

Best of all, this Blue Chip GMC quickly writes off its slightly higher cost with its greater efficiency and rugged stamina that insure longer life. And its outstanding modernity commands a higher trade-in.

There you have it. A Blue Chip GMC will bring distinction to your business, and serve your family too. Why not see your GMC dealer about one? Today would be a good time!

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