1955 GMC AD

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It does you a lot, of credit,
YOU DON'T have to say a word. This smart Blue Chip GMC runabout will testify that your farm is doing right well.
The luxury look of it-panoramic windshield and all says you're doing handsomely by your family too. And it will give two-fisted proof, on the road and in the fields, that you've picked a real worker.
You can pour out 155 horsepower from a top-efficiency V8 engine-and apply it with shockless ease through Hydra-Matic Drive.* You're-automatically in the right gear for any demand-at the right moment. And you get out of mudholes in jigtime.
You steer, even in ploughed ground, with minimum effort. A recirculating ball-bearing gear sees to that. And those axles-well, they'll take loads nobody should put on a pickup.
Your judgment gets credit too, for buying blue chip quality. Every day and every year proves the true bargain you get in service, efficiency-and the greater trade-in value always left in a Blue Chip GMC.
You'd be smart not to put it off. See your GMC dealer tomorrow.

Hydra-Matic standard on many models; optional at extra cost on some others

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