1955 GMC AD

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IT was years in the making. The job enlisted all General Motors resources. But now GMC launches the BLUE CHIP version of every type and weight farm truck in modern use.
GMC's BLUE CHIP line supersedes all I previous GMC models. It has no less than 500 new features-every one an extra asset to owners.
Smart passenger-car looks-even to a rakedback windshield with wide-horizon visibility-are backed by unheard-of abilities and brawn. That means enginewise, frame-wise, axle-wise and otherwise!.
Hauling "capacities are boosted. Operating efficiency hits heights never before reached. Running costs are shrunk.
You'll get real BLUE CHIP satisfaction at every one of a farm truck's chores -from field work to shopping trips in town. And you'll take as much pride in its looks as in its competence.
For new values-new prestige of ownership -new ways to speed farm work-see the

GMC TRUCK & COACH - -A General Motors Division

*Standard equipment on many models; optional at extra cost on some others.
**Optional at extra cost on two-ton model and up.


* New truck-designed V8 engines, 155 to 175 H.P. 9 New 6-cylinder gasoline engine power from 125 to 225 H. P. * A range of 5 Truck Hydra-Matic Drives to fit any size or type truck * New cabs with greater comfort, unequaled visibility, plus revolutionary new dual-purpose cab models * New Diesel line- 150 to 230 horsepower, low weight, greater economy * New ten-wheeler models from 28,000 to 59,000 GVW * New frames and axles for longer trouble-free service * New oversize clutches for tough operations * Shorter wheelbases for greater maneuverability.

GMC BLUE CHIP STYLING brings boulevard smartness up through even our biggest, toughest models. Raked-back windshield -wide-horizon visibility -airplane -type instrument panel-the most luxurious driver's "office" on wheels!

BLUE CHIP HANDLING-GMC's Truck Hydra-Matic Drive* -now in 5 types-is teamed with Safety Power Steering** for almost effortless handling, greater safety and increased efficiency.

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