1955 GMC AD

Text from ad above.

   Behold - the new family runabout!

ANY light-duty truck-user will see that this smart Blue Chip GMC would bring distinction to his business.

But any truck-user's wife would heartily second his choice of this suave, superbly styled Pickup -for reasons of her own.

You'd appreciate its superabundant V8 power for work-but any housewife would love that capacious rear deck for easy handling of bulky groceries.
You'd be aware of the real time - and - money economy of its Hydra-Matic Drive*-but the lady would enjoy its passenger-car ease of handling.

You'd be pleased with its exceptionally rugged frame and axles-but its lines, colors and luxurious interior would do a woman proud on any parking lot.

Man or woman would see it as ideal for picnics, beach and hunting trips - a dozen pleasant jobs when it isn't adding to the family income.

And both certainly would welcome the hundreds of dollars saved in "second car" costs this handsome double-duty runabout would bring.

You really must see and drive this Blue Chip wonder at your GMC dealer's. Today's a fine time to do it!

*Standard on many models; optional at extra cost on some others.

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The new GMC Blue Chip line leads in brawn and beauty in trucks of every type from 1/2-ton runabouts to 35 -ton giant haulers.

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