1955 GMC AD

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   WHAT we wanted was a totally new kind of truck, as clean-lined and smooth-running as a jetliner.
So we told our engineers: "Forget all the old ideas that trucks have to be homely, hard-riding, hardshifting, hard-steering boxes-on-wheels. Start from scratch-build us trucks that are the last word in looks as well as performance."
It took a lot of doing-new designs, new tooling, long months of testing at our proving ground. But they got such spectacular results that only one name fits our new line: the Blue Chip GMC's! This sleekly styled farm runabout -with its panoramic windshield, its wider, lower appearance and air of eager fleetness -identifies GMC's new Blue Chip series.
And this boulevard appearance is only part of the story. Gone with the "shirt-sleeved look" are all the other old marks of a truck.
Now no plodding engine strains against the load. The whispering might of a high-powered six-or a super-powered V8 -casually whisks it away.
The silent, soaring acceleration -born of this abundant power silkily fed through Hydra-Matic Drive* -is like taking the elevator instead of the staircase. Shifting lags no longer waste time at take-offs. And the turning ability suggests a skater's effortless ease.
There's a seat that valves air in and out to cushion you in limousine ease; an outlook that scans both sides of the road even abreast the hood; a cab structure that's wind- and water-tight as a clam -and equally silent.
And no "15,000-mile darling" is this. The Blue Chip GMC will keep turning in its thoroughbred's performance long, long after it has repaid-many times over-the few extra dollars its quality costs you.
Isn't your farm - and your pride - worth a Blue Chip GMC? Talk it over with your GMC dealer!

*,Standard on most models; optional at extra cost on some others

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