1955 GMC AD

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Make no mistake. This Blue Chip GMC runabout was designed for work-and plenty of it.
But its smartness of line-the flair of its panoramic windshield that bring its owner distinction in his business, also give it social prestige.
This one you drive anywhere with pride.
Its mighty V8 engine is as silently smooth and exuberantly responsive as a convertible's. Power doesn't mean noise, you know.
Its exceptional ruggedness of frame and axles may, not be needed in hauling home a day's catch. but it's wonderful on a money-making job.

Its Hydra-Matic Drive* is a boon in workday-long handling, and a wonder at paring costs. If it adds to carefree playtime driving, so much the better!
And the Blue Chip cab. Well, for workor fun, it's pleasant to have its smartness, its easy-chair comfort, its roominess, its swank instrument panel.
  So no wonder truck users and their wives see the Blue Chip runabout as a family buy-and an end to "second-car" expense.
You will too, when you see it at your GMC dealer's!
*Standard on many models; optional at extra cost on some others.

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The new GMC Blue Chip line leads in brawn and beauty in trucks of every type, from 1/2 -ton runabouts to 35-ton giant haulers.

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