1956 GMC AD

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AGAIN GMC lengthens its lead! Product advances for 1956 not only clinch power supremacy-but reach into fields still unexplored by others.
For example GMC's Road Shock Damper Suspension* -plus a unique new stabilizer - produces in half-ton models a ride comparable to the finest passenger car. It literally melts away jounces-lets you sail over bad stretches that slow other vehicles to a crawl.
A remarkable new fast-ratio cruising axle in light-duty GMC's actually gives you an over- drive's pace and economy without its cost.
Sharply increased engine displacement in both sixes and V8's gives you a power family unsurpassed in the light-duty field. Specifically, GMC offers an average of 11.5% GREATER displacement than its nearest competitors. And GMC V8's, mind you, match the shortest stroke ratios in the truck industry.

Styling is well into the future-from panoramic wind-shield to snug sand-tight tail gate. Tubeless tires, of course. And a 12-volt electrical system is standard.
These are some of the strides GMC presents in its 1956 Blue Chip trucks. The values are even more notable. See your GMC dealer!
*Standard on Suburban; optional at slight extra cost on other 1/2-ton models

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