1956 GMC AD

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Wherever America's dynamic expansion is going onin huge construction projects, on the spreading network of new highways-you see more and more of the new and mightier Blue Chip GMC's shouldering the biggest loads of all.
And with good reason. Take the typical case of Hanford L. Harvell, Belle Glade, Florida hauling contractor: He has brawny tandem-axle GMC Diesels hauling crushed stone on a flood-control project.
Hustling 17-ton loads from 320 to 500 miles a day -plenty of it over punishing roads-those GMC's put in up to io,ooo miles per month apiece.
To date, with overr5o,ooo miles on some of them, not so much as one injector has had to be replaced. Repair costs, nil. Down-time, none. And even now, their first overhaul need isn't in sight!
The only attention those GMC's get is an approved maintenance program. They keep hustling payload
without a pause - on 7 miles per gallon of fuel.
Small wonder, then, that other South Florida contractors and haulers, seeing the Harvell GMC equipment perform, have gone GMC too. In just 38 months, the number of GMC's in this area has multiplied more than 25 times!
These big new GMC's are making construction history-and more money for their owners. Hadn't YOU better see your GMC dealer?
TOP OF THE LIGHT-DUTY CLASS! Smartly styled Blue Chip GMC's feature 180 V8 hp, ultrashort stroke engines with 16 to 19 % greater displacement than competitive engines. Also: Hydra-Matic Drive,* panoramic windshield, 12-volt electrical system, tubeless tires. *Hydra-Matic Drive standard on some models, optional at extra cost on others.

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