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Walks up 60% grades with full load. Rough ground and tough grades are this husky's meat. Take it almost anywhere you like - and take a full cargo with you. You don't need a road - this GMC makes its own!
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As essential to a farm as a tractor is. Dozens of odd jobs and timesaving services make the 4-wheel-drive GMC the most-used piece of equipment on any farm.
Clears land quickly and cheaply. With a front-end winch hooked to the power take-off, trees, stumps and rocks come out in a hurry. Many other everyday uses for a winch include heavy hoisting and hauling out bogged trucks.
Lumbering jobs taken in stride. Anywhere you can get between trees, this 4-wheel drive GMC brings crews with their saws, axes and tackle.
Any field job-any soil condition.You won't get stuck in wet, ploughed ground, with all four wheels more than doubling ordinary traction. Wonderful in deep snow, too!
Drills Post holes at one-a-minute rate. Power take-off with drilling rig speeds up fencing work. Adaptable too for well drilling and mineral exploration.
GMC announces the Blue Chip 4-wheel drive
FROM Idaho's rugged mountain farms, ranches and timberland comes proof-in-advance of GMC's new achievement-the Blue Chip 4-wheeldrive trucks.
For in 3 years'unpublicized testing by actual owner-use in the country's toughest proving ground for trucks, these new GMC's have completely overshadowed anything ever known in this field.
Here are some of the points on which Blue Chip 4-wheel-drive models have demonstrated solid superiority:

* They have unmatched power to back the drive. And this drive has the brawn to take the great torque output.

* They take their full-rated loads in hauling use, while mastering the toughest terrain. * They have the full road-speed of standard GMC models.
* They have a single lever that produces 4-wheel drive in High and Low positions, or rear-wheel drive alone in High.
* They take a full family load - in distinctive Blue Chip GMC smartness in both regular passenger-car use, and on off-the-beaten-path pleasure trips.

This GMC 4-wheel drive will be available in pickups, in suburbans, for platform and stake-rack use-in 1/2, 3/4 and 1-ton models. Hydra-Matic Drive at moderate extra cost. Transfer case has two power-take-off openings for front and rear work needs.
So sum it up: here's a 4-wheel drive that's an off-road worker, a husky hauler, and a family transport too all at single vehicle price. Look into it at your GMC dealer's!

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