1956 GMC AD

GOT a wood lot that's rugged going? Some marshy land to claw through? An ornery hill or so you have to haul stuff over?

Take it from Cal Boies, Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona: Get yourself a GMC 4-wheel drive!

HIS GMC hauls a load of radio equipment over just about the meanest 16-mile stretch of mountain trail in the West. It climbs where a horse couldn't go -up grades that get as steep as 65 %-over boulder-strewn passes-to a transmitting station 4300 feet up.

"Hasn't even breathed hard yet," says the Sheriff.

You'll find a GMC 4-wheel drive the handiest piece of equipment you've got. With a few accessories, you can pull stumps, drill post holes or wells, stretch fence, pump water, hoist anything.
YOU'LL get clearance on high-crowned roads, full traction in muck or deep snow, and with a single lever-move into full road speeds in two-wheel drive, and ride like a king.

You can see it's a handsome truck. Well, the price is just as attractive - as your GMC dealer will show you. Try one out!

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