1956 GMC AD

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1. RSD SUSPENSION*- Only in a 1/2-ton Blue Chip GMC do you get Road Shock Dampers that literally melt away jounces to produce a ride comparable to the finest passenger car. Lets you safely sail over bad stretches where other vehicles must crawl - makes steering easier - cuts driver fatigue. It even ends the drumming from expansion joints in highways!
2. 180-H.P. V8 ENGINE -Only a Blue Chip GMC gives you over 16% greater displacement than nearest competitive engine. "Over-square" design unsurpassed for shortness of stroke in ratio to bore cuts piston travel and cylinder friction. High compression gives premium-gas power on regular grade fuel.
3. FAST- RATIO CRUISING AXLE**- feature lets your engine loaf at safety-maximum road speeds. It adds 2 to 4 miles per gallon on open roads gives overdrive performance and economy at less than 10% of usual overdrive cost. And teamed with Hydra-Matic Drive to spare equipment, drivers AND maintenance costs, you get the high -economy truck of all time!
PLUS- years-ahead boulevard styling -panoramic windshield -tubeless tires -12-Volt electrical system -unequaled stamina-higher trade-in value later on.

See your GMC dealer! **Optional at moderate extra cost

*Standard on Suburban, optional at moderate extra cost on all other 1/2-ton models

GMC TRUCK & COACH - -A General Motors Division

FOR AMERICA'S TOUGHEST JOBS-Wide range of GMC tandem-axle models, gas and Diesel. Up to 230 h.p. 59,000 GVW.

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