1957 GMC AD

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HERE, headlining GMC's new 1957 Blue Chip models, our most popular-sized, widely used type of truck becomes a truly phenomenal vehicle.
It has one horsepower for every 15-1/2 Pounds of its weight -to make hash of all accepted light-duty standards.
You'll be bossing around engine power usually found only in trucks rated atmore than four times this truck's capacity.
You'll be getting flashing response to pedal demand - the high-mileage efficiency of an easygoing, unstraining engine. -a capacity for work that won't drop off sharply after the first few months. This beauty retains its eager freshness for years. And you'll be very definitely in pocket, too. For with its tremendous reserves, this engine cannot be overtaxed in normal use-has far fewer repair needs. And teamed with GMC's famed fast-ratio cruising axle, it shrinks fuel bills to an amazing new low.
So if money-making power is what you want, this is it. This is for you. See your GMC dealer!
GMC TRUCK & COACH-A General Motors Division
BLINDF0LDED you couldn't tell the ride, the comfort and the thrilling zip from that of many cars! GMC's exclusive RSD Suspension* absorbs even tiny shocks -literally fioats you along. Performance in traffic and on highways to make you proud!
With its boulevard-smart lines, handsome colors and luxurious cab, this GMC is a natural for family use and social needs, too. It's closest to the station wagon in looks and utility - and its double-duty ability is money in the bank!
Call this a truck? Not when you take this deepcup safety wheel, and see how recirculating ballbearing steering gives you a sports-car feel on turns. Hydra-Matic Drive* does your shifting - and cuts your costs, besides! * Optional at moderate extra cost.

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