1957 GMC AD

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WHY HAND OUT your good money for a V8 farm truck with only 145 or 150 horsepower-when this Blue Chip GMC gives you 206?
That means it packs one horsepower for every 17 pounds of its weight
IT'S GOT a fast-ratio cruising axle that puts 3 gallons'worth of extra mileage in every tankful of gas - and a lift to its road pace that sports cars will respect.
It's got a fresh new beauty of styling that'll get whistles in town. A big, smartly fitted cab-a seat you'll hate to leave-a ride the family will make excuses to enjoy.
THEN throw in typical GMC stamina-its 100,000-mile-plus reputation-its higher trade-in value after more years of better service.
Man, why trifle with anything else? Go ahead- see that GMC dealer near you!

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