1957 GMC AD

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GMC Blue Chip 1/2-tonners are also available with thrifty 130-h.p. six-cylinder power plants.

It puts any job within your power!

THINK WHAT YOU CAN DO with this GMC's mighty 206 V8 horsepower-most power in any light-duty ever built!
Even with a capacity load-over the hilliest terrain on your farm-it will breeze through the job without even breathing hard.
OVER THE highway to town, this power teams with GMC's new fast-ratio cruising axle to give you the sparkling pace of an overdrive. You get it without overdrive's high cost. And you save up to 17% on fuel as well.
You avoid a lot of "normal" expenses, too. The tremendous power reserve means this truck CAN'T be overtaxed in normal use. HydraMatic* ends all clutch costs-stretches brake and tire life.
AND REMEMBER-all these money saving advantages are wrapped up in fresh boulevard styling. The whole family will look for reasons to be seen in this smartest of farm trucks. See one - drive one - today at your GMC dealer's!
*Hydra-Matic optional at extra cost.

1957 GMCAD
GMC 4-Wheel-Drive Farm Trucks, Too
It's a full-size, full-power 4-wheel-drive truck that navigates plowed fields-fords streams up to the "boards"or hustles full loads up "impossible" 60% grades. Provision for dual power take-off lets you tap its power for many other chores, too. Find out how little it costs!

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