1958 GMC AD

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HERE'S THE 1958 GMC Money-Maker, and we proudly believe you'll find it the handsomest hustler you ever handled. You'd never know it was a truck from its feel. An eager 200 horsepower takes off with, a full load like it was a cargo of feathers. The fast-ratio cruising axle gives you an overdrive's road pace and gas economy. The slick ease of turning is just like power steering. Relax on that foam-rubber seat, enjoy the luxury of the roomy cab, marvel at the ride. But make no mistake-this truck is no cream puff under its boulevard styling. You're bossing a pocket battleship on wheels.
You'll know what we mean when you see it. Look at its massive spring hangers-rear springs with the highest deflection rate of all lightduties. Note the heavily braced fender skirts.
Sit on the tail gate-on an unhooked end. Solid as a rock-and tight as a cup when it's closed.
See door hinges, half again as heavy as the others. Smack your hand on the door panel, the roof. No crinkling there. The same quality instrument panel as our $10,000 models. Steering column braced like a mast recirculating ball-bearing-steering ease at its end.
Radiator mounted on a bulkhead integral with the frame. Hood hinges heavily braced, too-try to rack the raised hood. See that hefty battery mounting.
These are the things that spell out GMC stamina. The lowest-cost-to-own, longest-lived, cheapest-to-operate truck built. Get all this for your money-see your dealer!

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THE SOLID LOOK - Beautiful but rugged, GMC's full family of fine trucks also includes Air Suspension models, Super Tandems and America's No. I Diesel. From a half-ton to 45 tons, every GMC is a Money-Maker!

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