1958 GMC Pickup Truck

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The beauty is "free - you just pay for ability

NEW WIDE-SIDE BODY with 50% more cargo space! Now an extra-cost option in 6-1/2'length with 20 extra cubic feet; in 8'length with 25 extra feet - THE LARGEST BODIES OF THEM ALL!

BUILT LIKE THE BIG ONES. GMC's light-duties benefit from the same methods and materials used in the giant haulers for which GMC is famous. GMC TRUCK & COACH -A General Motors Division


THOSE SLEEK LINES and dashing looks carry no price tag. Every dollar of a GMC's cost is for superior materials, mechanical excellence and extra features.

And if that cost is a few dollars more than average trucks - it's actually money in the bank for you.

For there's nothing dainty about this light-duty. Its engine has the biggest block in its class -its rear axle is the heftiest -its rear springs have less "give" under load - and its front frame construction is equal to a 3-1/2-tonner's.

See how soon things like these shrink a GMC's cost. See that GMC price tag prove out to be the lowest in the field.

For in a dozen ways, a GMC will repay your investment fast with its unsurpassed ability to save you money. Have your GMC dealer go over them with you.

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