1958 GMC Pickup Truck

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Smartest "Looker" and it's bulldozer tough!

NEW WIDE-SIDE BODY with 50% more cargo space! Now available in 61/2' length with 20 extra cubic feet; in 8' length with 25 extra feet. An extra cost option.

BUILT LIKE THE BIG ONES. GMC's light-duties benefit from the same methods and materials used in the giant haulers for which GMC is famous. IT'S THE NEW"DOUBLE- LIFE" GMC

Sure, you'll pace the highway's newest cars with ease, and park among them with pride. But it's on the job that you'll find your money best invested in a GMC.

Its easy-stroking GMC-built V8 truck engine can hustle a burly transit-mix truck.

Its rear springs are top-rated for extra capacity - its rear axle heaviest and strongest in the class.

Its front frame cross-member is the same as you'll find on a 3-1/2tonner.

There's plenty more that puts a GMC far ahead of its class. From its fast-ratio cruising axle, standard at no extra cost, that does an expensive overdrive's job-to the foam-rubber seats in its doubleshell cab. No extra cost there either, by the way.

If you want a bargain in trucks-a bargain that stays a bargain year after year-see your GMC dealer!

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