1958 GMC AD

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Smartest "Looker" and it's bulldozer tough!

NEW WIDE-SIDE BODY with 50% more cargo space! Now available at slight extra cost in 6/2'length with 20 extra cubic feet; in 8'length with 25 extra feet-THE LARGEST BODIES OF THEM ALL!

BULKHEAD-TYPE RADIATOR MOUNTING-GMC's radiator support is a rigid bulkhead tied right into the frame for greater durability -far less trouble.

MOST CAPABLE REAR SPRINGS IN THIS CLASS! GMC's rear springs, with the highest deflection rate of them all, are muscled to carry heavier loads without strain.

BUILT LIKE THE BIG ONES. GMC's light-duties benefit from the same methods and materials - often the same parts - used in the giant haulers for which GMC is famous.

TO BE SURE, you'll drive it proudly to wherever there's a congregation of the glossiest automobiles. Yet this GMC is really in its glory when it's wrangling tough loads over tougher ground. Showing how a real truck engine can slug. Demonstrating -how its big-truck construction stands up to usage that wilts other light-duties fast.
That's when you see your small extra investment for this de luxe pickup being repaid over and over. That's when you realize GMC's extra value.
These things are plain even before you buy. In a GMC's front-end cross-member -hefty as a 3-1/2 tonner's for unshakable rigidity. In its half-again heavier door hinges. In its double-shell cab.
Look them over-with a dozen other GMC features. See how trouble-free long life-low upkeep-higheconomy operation is engineered into this brawny, fleet-footed beauty. Check now with your GMC dealer.

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