1959 GMC Pickup Truck

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Operation "High Gear"-GMC's gigantic engineering, design and quality-control program-guarantees you a greater measure of hard-working, long-lasting value in every GMC "Farm-Bred Truck." Any way you size it up, a GMC pickup gives you more for your money. It fits the job better-with all the features farmers asked for. It's stronger built-with rugged GMC double-wall cab construction... the same brawny front crossmember found on larger GMCs ... a tailgate so sturdy it stands up under weights that make others sag. It's better looking-a combination of brawn and beauty unmatched on city boulevard or country road. It lasts longer - solid wood body floor and steel skid strips . . . true truck-built Engine . . . M-400 bearings with 7 times longer life. Looking for a new truck? See your GMC Dealer soon and look into all the reasons why so many farmers are now switching to GMC. GMC Truck & Coach-a General Motors Division
Takes steep grades in stride! A GMC with 4-wheel drive goes right up a 60% grade or through muddy farm fields -fully loaded! Switches quickly to conventional 2-wheel drive for highway travel. GMC pickups are in the same price range as other makes, yet you're many dollars ahead in standard equipment alone!
- Synchromesh transmission - GMC truck-built engine - Fast-ratio cruising axle - Foam rubber seats Strongest rear axle - M-400 bearings with 7 times longer life - Doublewall cab construction - Wood body floor with steel skid strips - Steel moldings around window glass -Heaviest front crossmember
From 1/2-ton to 45-ton ... General Motors leads the way!

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