1959 GMC AD

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COMPARE RUGGED GMC TAILGATE WITH ANY OTHER PICKUP. Only one end is hooked, yet the tailgate of the GMC "Farm-Bred" pickup doesn't sag under two husky men. Note how the other tailgate droops under only one man. Try it yourself! Notice, too, GMC's strong rustproof wood and steel-strip floor.
SAME CROSS-MEMBER USED IN BIGGER GMC'S. It's one reason why GMC "Farm-Bred Trucks" can take every twisting ditch and rut a field or farm road can dish out. The brawny rear axle, strongest in the business, is another. Extra ruggedness means your GMC lasts longer, saves you money.
MORE POWER-LESS ENGINE WEAR. Test of load pulling power is net torque. GMC Six and V-8 engines develop more net torque than competition-at lower RPM's! That means superior performance and less wear on pistons, valves, rods and other moving parts-for longer engine life!

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