1959 GMC AD

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1959 GMC Farm Trucks give you big extras at no extra cost-thanks to the greatest engineering, design and quality-control program in trucking history!
GMC Trucks are priced competitively - but here their similarity with other trucks ends. Under the tremendous forward surge of Operation "High Gear," today's GMC Trucks bring you more quality and downright value for your dollar than any other trucks on the road!
The GMC pickup shown opposite is one example. Beside it are some of the reasons why this truck is such a buy. They're a few of the more than forty extra-quality features you get as standard equipment in this truck ... many
And, you can count on getting this same amazing value in every GMC "Farm-Bred Truck," be it pickup, platform or stake ... value that means -more trouble-free performance, longer truck life.
of which cost you extra in other pickups . many of which you can't get in any other pickup at any price!
That's why, before you buy any truck, it will pay you to see your GMC Dealer. GMC Truck & Coach-a General Motors Division.

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