1959 GMC Pickup Truck

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The biggest engineering design and quality-control program in the industry brings you true "Farm-Bred Trucks". . . trucks built to do every farm job better and lost longer than anything in their class!
Farmers told us the kind of trucks they want. And, in Operation "High Gear" we've built them! Frames rugged enough to withstand the twisting of fields and rutted dirt roads. (Our new 1/2-ton pickup has the front cross-member used on bigger GMC's!) Engines, transmissions and rear axles that can pull maximum loads without damage. A truck finish that gives real rust protection ... thanks to 4 protective coats. Tailgates that don't spring under a heavy load. Trucks for the farm . . . a new breed of trucks ... trucks that give you so much more for your money! Check your GMC dealer for his trade-in offer!
GMC Truck & Coach-a General Motors Division Make the "tailgate test"Hook just one side of the tailgate of a GMC. Note how two men on the unhooked corner can't make GMC tailgates sag. Try it yourself! A GMC Pickup is priced surprisingly low, and you get a great many dollars extra in standard equipment alone, such as:
- Foam rubber seat - Wrap-around bumper - Wood body floor with steel skid strips - Steel moldings around window glass - Fuel filter GMC truck-built engine - Fast-ratio cruising axle - Heaviest rear axle - Heaviest front cross-member - Synchromesh transmission - M-400 bearings with 7 times the life Double wall cab and body construction - High-capacity 7.10-15 tires.

From 1/2-ton to 45-ton ... General Motors leads the way!

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