1959 GMC

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You'll be proud of the good looks of your "Farm-Bred Truck", wherever you go ... and of its performance, whatever the job. GMC's mighty engineering, design and quality-control program brings you true "Farm-Bred Trucks" . . . hard working, easy riding, moneyahead in solid truck value!
You need a "Farm-Bred Truck" to stand up under tough farm chores-a truck as dependable in the field as on the highway. That's why you need a GMC; a husky workhorse with the look and the feel of a thoroughbred. This is the truck with features farmers asked for; actually engineered for farm work, and proved over thousands of hard miles in service. Climb inside the cab. That's double-wall construction, sturdily reinforced, specially caulked, rust-protected throughout. Water and weather just can't get in! Start GMC's truck-built engine, and put it in gear. Synchromesh transmission makes shifting faster; far easier. GMC's extra-heavy duty clutch greatly extends clutch life. Your GMC Dealer will be happy to explain the whole exciting story of today's best truck buy. See him soon.
GMC Truck & Coach-a General Motors Division.
A GMC pickup is priced surprisingly low and you get a great many dollars extra in standard equipment alone, such as:

From 1/2-ton to 45-ton ... General Motors leads the way!

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