1959 GMC AD

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The biggest engineering, design and quality-control program in truck history is bringing you a new breed of trucks . . . the kind of trucks farmers themselves asked us to build!
Look at the tailgate of a GMC pickup. It's built to stand tip under back-breaking weights without sagging. Look at the finish. 4 coats instead of 2 or 3 prevent rusting. Look at the front crossmember and rear axle. They're built tougher to take dirt-road ruts and ditches right in stride. Look at the engine. High-torque GMC Six and V-8 engines out-pull others with less engine wear. Anyway you look at GMC "Farm-Bred Trucks," they're better built to do any farm job better. And, they offer you something more-a sense of quiet pride that goes with owning and driving the best pickup money can buy. Let your GMC Dealer show you what we mean.
GMC Truck & Coach-a General Motors Division.
Make the "tailgate test" Hook just one side of the tailgate of a GMC. Note how two men on the unhooked corner can't make it sag. Try it yourself! GMC Pickups are competitively priced-but that's where their similarity with other trucks ends. You get many dollars extra in standard equipment!

* Synchromesh transmission * Strongest rear axle * Fast-ratio cruising axle * Double-wall cab and body construction * Foam rubber seats * Steel moldings around window glass Heaviest front crossmember * GMC truck-built engine * M-400 bearings with 7 times longer life * Wraparound bumper * Fuel filter

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