1959 GMC AD

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4 "COATS" MAKE A GMC'S GOOD LOOKS LAST.You won't see GMC "Farm-Bred Trucks" rusting out like so many others. Each wears 4 coats of protective finish! Keeps your GMC pickup showroom-new for Church or town. And it's only one of over 40 extra-quality features you get in a GMC!
GMC Farm Trucks are loaded with power and money-saving features ... built to outlast anything in their class!
We asked farmers across the country what they wanted most in the next truck they buy. They told us, and we've built them to their specifications . . . rugged "Farm-Bred Trucks". Trucks with tailgates that won't spring under a load . . . cabs that don't rust out . . .
chassis, engines and rear axles that are truck-built to stand up under the bruising day-in day-out punishment in the fields as well as over the road. You'll find they give you more for your money than any other trucks made! GMC Truck & Coach, a General Motors Division.
A GMC Pickup is priced surprisingly low, and you get a great many dollars extra in standard equipment alone, such as:
*Foam rubber seat * Wrap-around bumper * Wood body floor with steel skid strips * Steel moldings around window glass * Fuel filter * GMC truck-built engine * Fast-ratio cruising axle * Heaviest rear axle * Heaviest front cross-member * Synchromesh transmission * M-400 bearings WiLh 7 times the life * Double wall cab and body construction * High-capacity 7:10-15 tires

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