1959 GMC AD

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GMC's huge engineering, design and quality-control program brings you trucks built to stand up under farm work better than any other trucks today!
Thousands of GMC trucks are bought by farmers. Naturally we're keenly interested in farm problems. So, we asked farmers what they want in a truck - and in Operation "High Gear" we're building them. Trucks
with frames, cabs, engines and axles that can haul heavy loads over every twisting ditch and rut a field or farm road can dish out. Trucks so sinart-looking and so comfortable you'll be proud to drive them anywhere you would your car. Trucks that last you a long, long time! Let your GMC dealer prove it to you today.
GMC Truck & Coach-a General Motors Division.
GMC pickups are equally at home on farm hauling or city calling
GMC pickups are priced surprisingly low, yet you get many dollars extra in standard equipment alone, such as:

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