1959 GMC AD

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GMC's vast engineering, design and quality-control program is building a brawny new breed of top-value trucks ... with rugged features farmers want!
You asked for a pickup that could handle more-and bigger-jobs around the farm. GMC's built 'em that way, with the same front crossmember we use on larger trucks, and the strongest rear axle in their class. You wanted more power, too; power to haul full loads over
steep grades and muddy farm fields. You get it in a GMC -every "Farm-Bred" pickup has a true, truck-built engine. You get a tailgate that doesn't spring under heavy weights; four coats of protective finish, instead of just two or three. Plus easy good looks and long, long service. To put it another way, you get the best truck value on the road today. Your GMC dealer would like a chance to prove it. See him soon.
GMC Truck & Coach-a General Motors Division.
You'll be as proud of its good looks in town as you are of its performance on the farm.
GMC Pickups carry a competitive Price tag, yet you're many dollars ahead in standard equipment alone!

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